Our Unique Service Offerings

Establish Technical Support Centers

We can establish technical support centers which manage Application Availability Assurance (AAA) where it provides both reactive and proactive application level support, bug fixing, and monitoring and health checks based on a contract service level agreement (SLA). This includes phone communication using Vonage systems/Skype/Whatsapp communication. This covers applications based on either well-known technologies like .net, Java, application servers for Microsoft, Oracle or IBM. In case we cover special technologies then, based on the assured contract we can establish and educate a new team with the technologies required. The team will work based on internal support processes and use an open-source ticketing system. The team will provide frequent service reports to the customer onsite manager to assess the service level and discuss future customer plans. 

Time Bucket Technical Development

For customers with very short but frequent requirements where every request can be measured in terms of man-weeks. A traditional bidding cycle will prevent them from adjusting fast to market change. We offer a service agreement to be established based on buying a professional services time-bucket. The PS time-bucket is for example 15 man-months where the customer can utilize them in frequent, short requests. The process is as follows; the customer requests a change then our team estimates the time effort and negotiates it with the customer manager. Once approved, our team implements the changes. Once delivered the time-bucket is reduced by the amount spent on the assignment. A flexible SLA will be signed and a team manager is assigned to the engagement from our resource pool. There will be monthly service report and monthly meeting to evaluate/discuss service issues and future plans.

Service for Revenue-Sharing Model

In case of startups and entrepreneurs who want to focus on their new creative business-model and eliminate technical sophistication from the equation, we can work as their technical arm in two engagement models

  • Time and material where we will reduce their overall cost.  
  • Resources at cost + revenue sharing model. This is more appealing where the startup will reduce its cost tremendously while it pays from the future value of their business. The cost will be very low because we will calculate the cost of the resources without overheads. This reduces prices to unique, low values plus reduces the overall risk. In this case, Kiwi Systems should know the business model in advance and accept it. Also, contracts will be signed to manage the rights of both parties